• 📢 The official announcement! 📢

    On December 16, 2022, it was updated.

    The official website is https://cool-knight.us/.

    🙏 Thank you to my friend Arana for obtaining this domain name for me.

    Ads are also used to support the website.

    😒 Do you dislike these advertisements? If you wish to contribute to the website, all you have to do is sign up here! Then, when you're finished, go to the upgrades page and select one of our Super, Lifetime, or VIP members. No more advertisements!

    You can also support me by visiting my referral page, which contains only genuine referral links. The referrals on this page have been updated as of December 16, 2022.

    🎉 Thank you very much! 🎉

    🤠 Best regards, Cool-Knight 🤠


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