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  1. Cool-Knight

    My 7th meme

    Luke as Jim Raynor. Leia as Sarah Kerrigan. Luke and Leia are brother and sister. So Jim and Sarah are not. (meme on top of a meme) Made by me Cool-Knight. By https://meme.cool-knight.us/
  2. Cool-Knight

    Difference between StarCraft+Broodwar 1.16.1 and/or vs StarCraft:Remaster!

    Lets start this off with 1.16.1 then we go to SC:R. [More coming soon!] StarCraft Broodwar 1.16.1 + Battle.net 1.0v Main gameplay. Cost money to get SC and BW. Max freinds list 24 per account. Cd-keys 1 per account per game. Hacks / hackers and bots. (No longer works but they did when...
  3. Cool-Knight

    My 6th meme

    Dream, but he's hot! Made by me Cool-Knight. By https://meme.cool-knight.us/
  4. Cool-Knight

    StarCraft AIs (Information and guidance)

    I am going to give you lots of info and details about everything that you need to know! Everything you'll need to know about the AIs. I know this does not cover all of the bases, but I will do my best! Update 1: More information has been added. And also few screenshots! Coming soon: more...
  5. Cool-Knight

    StarCraft AI list. Triggers: AI Scripts

    Triggers: AI Scripts The Campaign Editor offers a variety of AI scripts that can be used to alter the computer behavior in a “Use Map Settings” game. These scripts, when applied correctly, give you the ability to dynamically alter the behavior of the computer AI. Note that by default, computer...
  6. Cool-Knight

    My 5th meme

    Made by me Cool-Knight. By https://meme.cool-knight.us/ aka https://facebook.com/StarCraftBWFans
  7. Cool-Knight

    My 4th meme

    Made by me Cool-Knight. By https://meme.cool-knight.us/ aka https://facebook.com/StarCraftBWFans
  8. Cool-Knight

    My 3rd meme

    Made by me Cool-Knight. By https://meme.cool-knight.us/ aka https://facebook.com/StarCraftBWFans
  9. Cool-Knight

    My 2nd meme

    Made by me Cool-Knight. By https://meme.cool-knight.us/ aka https://facebook.com/StarCraftBWFans
  10. Cool-Knight

    My 1st meme

    Made by me Cool-Knight. By https://meme.cool-knight.us/ aka https://facebook.com/StarCraftBWFans
  11. Cool-Knight

    More maps I be working on soon

    All maps i be working on are in these orders or not in order depends which maps i want to edit and work on most. But these are ones I want to work on! The maps I will be working on have the following status: 7vs1 Random Computer (Under Work) Undead Domination v-CK 8.4v (Will resume after 7vs1...
  12. Cool-Knight

    7vs1 Random Computer (Story ish) Find a better ai for this.

    It is the year 2075. The world has been in a nuclear war for 100 years and now we are at a stalemate. An unknown country decided to sponsor one scientist on how the AI can be smarter than the human once and for all. The scientist then created the best AI code to date with the help of an...
  13. Cool-Knight

    The New Official Domain!

    I now have an actual legit domain: https://cool-knight.us/ The website has been updated with a new logo and some fixes. Please enjoy your stay!
  14. Cool-Knight

    What is a virus for SC:BW:R Maps?

    This is going to be a tuff one. lol How to tell if a map was uploaded by others is a virus? From https://maps.cool-knight.eu.org/Tons Of Maps/ On "Uploaded by others" Since there are going to be maps uploaded on T.O.Ms page. From "Uploaded by others" You are going to that folder it's where...
  15. Cool-Knight

    Starcraft broodwar map editors

    Map Editors for Starcraft & Broodwar & Remaster SC:R. Download- from my website. Scmdraft 2 080.zip (SC:BW 1.16.1 and below!) StarEdit Jul 2019.zip (Last version for SC:R) StarEdit for 1.16.1 if you want that. Be in 1.16.1 Installer (Coming soon? I dunno) Link(S)...
  16. Cool-Knight

    7vs1 Random Computer 11.0V

    7vs1 Random Computer Version 11.0! (Beta 1) To report bugs and feedback do the following: discord(s) StarEdit UMS-Discussion and StarCraft Broodwar Community! Many thanks! Coming soon to http://www.staredit.net/ Update 2. Coming soon: Beta Update 2. Map only works on: StarCraft Remaster (No...
  17. Cool-Knight

    What is Discord? AI bot wrote about.

    Reading time: 15 minutes, 20 seconds Language: Your article has been created in English language Summary: Thanks to this breadth of functionality, users have also embraced Discord as a semipublic, forum-style community platform: Groups of players with common interests, such as...
  18. Cool-Knight

    This is fun. -try to kill player 8-

    This is what i asked it. This is a map from StarCraft-Broodwar Blizzard Inc map editor. The story for this is. Title: Try To Kill Player 8. Part 1. (info) Human, You control 1 unit. (The hero is a human player) -red, blue, teal, purple, orange, green.) Player 8 is an enemy AI on the map. It has...
  19. Cool-Knight

    Also try it again...

    I think this one came out better.... lol not really. Ask a dozen different people when the first battle royale emerged, and chances are, youll get a dozen different answers. Some will say it was DayZ: Battle Royale, others will highlight earlier deathmatch games like Dyna Blaster. A true pedant...