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Blizzard has banned me from SC:R!

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This is one of the biggest stories to tell in my history!

Topic Needs better editing! (Still working on this!)
The topic made on 4/10/2020. Last update: 4/12/2020.
4/17/2020 *Re updated* (Wow, I forgot to hit save! Many things in here typos and stuff fixed! + me ranting sorry.)
Ban date? 4/7/2020 5 PM PST.

And I hope this ban does not affect my other games....!!

Reason Unknown! (My reason Using in-game cheat codes = ban on that patch!)

Using in-game-Cheat-codes-made by Blizzard inc. all on Single Player mode.
Not multiplayer, I was not hurting anyone but the AI's in my games!

My friend said: “They can't tell differences between single-player and multiplayer” ← I 100% agreed. So me “Cheating” is bad, but hackers can get away hacking 24/7 on SC:R!

So one thing: This is entrapment made by Blizzard on their newest patch! (Images will be posted for this at the very end of this.)

Also, I got the email from Blizzard Inc, for this support, which says: “I broke the TOS” which I didn't, but they are blaming me I did!!” I look all over on their page 0% I did any wrongdoing!

I didn't HACK anyone I didn't HURT anyone, I clearly hurt their AI's which offended them? Oh but hey: REAL Deal HACKERS, who are DDoSing people, can get away with this shit all of the time, but me cheating in single-player mode is unfair. But hackers who ddosing people are not hacking/playing-unfair! Oh, since I been banned for 3 days today I just got DDoS at 10 am today...for five Minutes. My own internet was down, but anyone outside the house, next door, they were still online, but I was down! (We all have the same ISP!) YEAH, that says a lot!

No 3rd parties was used!

Oh and all of mine Blizzcon stuff I have gotten over the years for SC:R GONE! Those were gifts from my parents!

I talked to support, I'll post that under this what was said and all said.

I have stress and anxiety! When this ban happens..... My stress and anxiety went from four levels to level 10 which I just break down and cry sob pluck my hairs out!

I shake and can't do shit... Definitely, I do have trichotillomania which caused me to pluck hairs! ... Yes, 10% of my head air is missing... More now thanks to this! :(

Oh and SC:BW:R is and my only de-stressed and de-anxiety! And now I barely engage in my favorite game online with friends! So BULLSHIT!

Yeah... They didn't send the transcript to me which is not right too... Good thing I was prepared I copy and paste all of this!

I'm also going to highlight some words that he said when I asked him something.

Me talking to Blizzard Support (Nothing was altered or edited!)

at 14:51, Apr 8: You are now chatting with Droovasz.

Droovasz: Hey there! Game Master Droovasz here, I hope your day is going well so far!

Me: Day is going well..But not on gaming side.

Droovasz: I am sorry to hear, I hope the gaming side gets better! <3
Droovasz: I see that you wanted to appeal a ban for Remastered, is this correct?

Me: Yeah.

Droovasz: Ok, I can not go into any of the details with you about the ban but I can at least check to see if it was done correctly or not. Give me a moment please.

Me: Alright.

Droovasz: Sorry for the wait, looks like this ban was done correctly and we will not be overturning it, I am very sorry.

Me: That really sucks, how long is the ban then?

Droovasz: It looks like this is a ban, not a suspension.

Droovasz: So it will not be removed.

Me: permanently ban?

Droovasz: Correct.

Me: Just for cheating in single-player mode?

Droovasz: Correct, we do not allow cheating in our games.

Me: But it's the cheats in the game that I used is made by Blizzard. "Show me the money."

(See how fast he turned the topic to something else!)

Droovasz: Was there any additional quesdtions or concerns I can take a look over before we parted ways?

Me: So there is nothing I can do get rid of this ban? Is there any other ways?

Droovasz: Correct.

Me: Well that is just dumb, all I wanted too is play StarCraft all day and night long, now I can't. That just so wrong. Over using cheats made by game. >_<

Droovasz: Since there are no new concerns I must be on my way. I hope you have a wonderful evening and an even better rest of your week! /farewell
at 15:10, Apr 8:
Thank you for chatting with us.