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7vs1 Random Computer 11.0V Beta

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Cool-Knight said:
// Title

7vs1 Random Computer V11.0 Beta 3 Update 6!

Hello Everyone.

Welcome to my 7vs1 Random Computer, by Cool-Knight.

Cool-Knight said:

Tile set: Ice World.
Genre: Strategy.
Player(s): 7.
Computer Player(s): 1.
Dimensions: 96 x 96
Size: May very 2.0MB +
Map Playable State: Playable.

General map information
Map Version: 7vs1 Random Computer V11.0 (Beta 3 / Update version 6.)

Each scripts for Ai to attack is random here how many there are for each race: Terran Ai=19. Zerg Ai=19. Protoss Ai=19.

Beta Update 3.
Map only works on: StarCraft Remaster (No SC 1.16.1 and below!) Sorry.
Beta Release 8/12/2023 (Beta 3)
The full release date is still unknown!

Map Description.
7vs1 Random Computer Good Luck! V11.0
The most recent update was on 8/8/2022 (11.0V Beta 3).
10.4V Patch 4 (10.28/2017) was the most recent update.
The AI mode is now brutal!
Please report bugs to Discord using the links from my website.
Info/Logs/report bugs/Discords 7vs1.cool-knight.us/
7vs1 Random Computer Version 11.0! (Beta 3)

To report bugs and feedback do the following: discord(s) StarEdit UMS-Discussion and StarCraft Broodwar Community! Many thanks!
Coming soon to http://www.staredit.net/

Thanks! - Cool-Knight.

-Also...If you want to support me in my hard work please go to my
1st: By going to my referral page 🔗 The referral page.
2nd: Going to the official "How To Support Cool-Knight" Thread.

Be sure to check out my maps Archive https://maps.cool-knight.eu.org/Tons Of Maps/

Also Check the updates for more info! Below!
Update-Logs: Change/Update/New/Removed/Fixed.

Cool-Knight said:
// Map Screenshots and in-game.

(More coming soon!)

Map Shots.


In-game shots.


Cool-Knight said:
// Beta map testers for 11.0V. Beta 1 through 3

Beta 3 Testers:

Beta 1 and 2 Testers: Genkds(UsWest), PurpleMePHiStO(UsWest), ImWhiskey(UsWest) MrSoft(UsWest), Andy007(UsWest), JR.(UsWest), caksdlk12(UsWest), elsepertrodesesg(UsWest), iancet.(UsWest),
Haruki(UsWest), LostinMyself(UsWest),
MegaTiger aka MTiger156. (Tester/Ideas/.)
Arana - Tester.

Cool-Knight said:
// Patch Notes
Cool-Knight said:
// General

  • Zerg/Terran/Protoss, Ai. improved AI scripts (Update 6 for Beta 3).
  • Re-enable UPS max is 100.

Cool-Knight said:
// Here is the changes

  • Reduced CCMU as much as i could.
  • Heroes maker is now in the middle of the map!
  • Hero Reaver no longer caps at 10 now caps at 5. (Should help with CCMU)
  • Allow Hero Carrier to back now. Also caps at 4 now! (Should help with CCMU)

Cool-Knight said:
// Here what was removed.
  • Bad Ai Codes.
    More bad codes.
    Some triggers.
    Old Looking Terrain!

Cool-Knight said:
// Here what was Added and New!
  • New Ai Codes has been added.
  • Added new codes to make Ai better.
    Added more codes.
    Added more euds.
    Added Ai image to the map.

Cool-Knight said:
// Here what was fixed.

  • Massing the units to locations were incorrect spots.
  • Ai code. [Update 6] Beta 3.
    Players and computer.
    Triggers, euds, ai.

Cool-Knight said:
// Upcoming Changes to the map: Beta 4 Version.

Beta 4 Version: 14+ random attacks will be added to Terran AI script. Bringing it from 19 to 33, random out comes! :D

Beta 4 Version: 14+ random attacks will be added to Protoss AI script. Bringing it from 19 to 33, random out comes! :D

Beta 4 Version: 13+ random attacks will be added to Zerg AI script. Bringing it from 19 to 32, random out comes! :D

QOL, for all 3 races and codes and script, and some triggers, since i can't make them some things, so some things are triggers, EG the infested CC.

Cool-Knight said:
// Map %

Terrain. [progress=100]
Triggers. [progress=90]
Map. [progress=90]
Ai Code. [progress=75]

Cool-Knight said:
// Topic edits and change logs
Whole a lot of stuff has been fixed and edited and change.

Coming soon more stuff.
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