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7vs1 Random Computer 11.0V Beta

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Title said:
// Title

7vs1 Random Computer V11.0 Beta 2 / Update 4! /

Hello Everyone. Welcome to my 7vs1 Random Computer, by Cool-Knight.

Information's. said:

Tileset: Jungle World.
Genre: Strategy.
Player(s): 7.
Computer Player(s): 1.
Dimensions: 96 x 96
Size: May very 2.0MB +
Map Playable State: Playable.

General map information
Map Version: 7vs1 Random Computer V11.0 (Beta 2 / Update version 4.)

Each scripts for Ai to attack is random here how many there are for each race: Terran Ai=19. Zerg Ai=19. Protoss Ai=19.

Beta update 2.
Map only works on: StarCraft Remaster (No SC 1.16.1 and below!) Sorry.
Beta Release 3/10/2023 (Beta 2)
The full release date is still unknown!

Map Description.
7vs1 Random Computer Good Luck! V11.0
The most recent update was on 8/8/2022 (11.0V Beta 2).
10.4V Patch 4 (10.28/2017) was the most recent update.
The AI mode is now brutal!
Please report bugs to Discord using the links from my website.
Info/Logs/report bugs/Discords 7vs1.cool-knight.us/
7vs1 Random Computer Version 11.0! (Beta 2)

To report bugs and feedback do the following: discord(s) StarEdit UMS-Discussion and StarCraft Broodwar Community! Many thanks!
Coming soon to http://www.staredit.net/

Thanks! - Cool-Knight.

-Also...If you want to support me in my hard work please go to my site, visit it for 5 to 10 mins or do this bitcoin it will help me earn $$ + it will keep me going! :) Thanks CK-

Be sure to check out my maps Archive https://maps.cool-knight.eu.org/Tons Of Maps/

--------Please Bear with me as this map grows and this topic becomes better edited and improves over time, THANKS! :D-------[/COLOR]

Also Check the updates for more info! Below!
Update-Logs: Change/Update/New/Removed/Fixed. More will be added soon!

Map Screenshots and in-game. said:
// Map Screenshots and in-game.

Map Shots:

In-game shots:

Beta Map Testers said:
// Testers For 11.0V. Beta 1 and 2.
Genkds(UsWest), PurpleMePHiStO(UsWest), ImWhiskey(UsWest) MrSoft(UsWest), Andy007(UsWest), JR.(UsWest), caksdlk12(UsWest), elsepertrodesesg(UsWest), iancet.(UsWest),
Haruki(UsWest), LostinMyself(UsWest),
MegaTiger aka MTiger156. (Tester/Ideas/.)
Arana - Tester.

Patch Notes. said:
// Patch Notes.
General. said:
// General.

  • Zerg/Terran/Protoss, Ai. improved AI scripts (Update 4 for Beta 2).
  • Re-enable UPS max is 100.

Here what was changed. said:
// Here what was changed.

  • Reduced CCMU as much as i could.
  • Heroes maker is now in the middle of the map!
  • Hero Reaver no longer caps at 10 now caps at 5. (Should help with CCMU)
  • Allow Hero Carrier to back now. Also caps at 4 now! (Should help with CCMU)

Here what was removed. said:
// Here what was removed.
  • Bad Ai Codes.

Here what was Added/New! said:
// Here what was Added/New!
  • New Ai Codes has been added.
  • Added new codes to make Ai better.

Here what was fixed. said:
// Here what was fixed.

  • Massing the units to locations were incorrect spots.
  • Ai code. [Update 4] Beta 2.

Coming Soon To The Map. said:
// Upcoming Changes:


Map % said:
// Map %

Terrain. [progress=90]
Triggers. [progress=90]
Map. [progress=90]
Ai Code. [progress=60]

Topic Edit said:
// Topic Edits/Updates.

  • Lights, Mass, on the top left. (Lights removed, there are now EUDs)
  • No more script selection at random.
  • No more timer countdown.
  • There will be no more spawning of enemy heroes!
  • No more Pylons and Supply Depots and Creep.
  • The difficulty level is chosen at random. "SUPER HARD" and "GOD HARD!" have been eliminated, and it is currently in brutal mode.

  • Mass is at the bottom of (each) player's starting location.
  • Building: Protoss Cannon maximum from 24 to 5. damage from 55 to 22. Terran Bunkers have not been changed. Missile turrets were damaged, going from 200 to 22. Sunken 150 to 44. Spore, 150 to 22. (Max 10 missile turrets). Sunken & Spore 10 each.
  • Player 8 Armor and attack "UPS" have been replaced with a timer with 4 mins giving AI 3+ ups on all 3.
  • No more timers for "AI Hero Spawns." Timers and attacks? I think I cut down the army size spawn from the "countdown timer."
  • No pylons are needed for Protoss buildings.
  • No creep is needed for Zerg buildings.
  • The supply is always maxed at 200 for players. For computer 400 (AI won't go above and beyond this-no it will.) This makes it fair for AI vs 7 players since 200 X 7 = 1400 possible units. So, given a computer, a little assistance.:)
  • Some buildings can now be stacked without the use of lights thanks to EUDs most everything besides: (CC, Terran Factory, and Starport, because of addons to build units!)
  • Change all Cannons/Sunken/Spore/Bunker/Missile Turret HP and armor to 9999HP and 9.
  • I set the bunker/spore/sunken/canons/missile total to 10 = maximum. Also, a message plays when a player goes above 10. (1x)

  • New: Terran/Zerg/Protoss AI scripts. I developed a new coding script. Also, genuine random attacks! Nothing compares to a blizzard. The AIs will use all of their resources to eliminate you! And its defenses are well-defended.
  • New: Zerg Larva no need for creep to live.
  • Added: EUD AI Every 4 minutes, it gets 3+ upgrades! (update no 1 gets ups anymore nor computer player!) (Update 1 This is currently disabled!)
  • Added: Damage to buildings is now scaled. Sunken 4+ Cannons, 2+ Turrets, 2+ Spore 2+ (Every 4 minutes, the AI-Gets upgraded by 3+!) (Update 1 This is currently disabled!)
  • Added: When a player has no more workers of any race, you will now lose building "Mass Units".
  • Added: Protoss AI code power to use nukes!
  • Added: Terran AI code to use Zerg for attacks! (Some units not a lot)
  • Added: Zerg AI code given it 3 new units to use for attack/defense. Infested Marine(Attack/Defense) Infested Ghost(Attack/Defense) Infested Terran(Attack/Defense)

General Update:
  • Brutal is the new map difficulty.
  • I buffed the AI code/scripts for Brutal! improved AI scripts once more. (Update 6 for Beta 1).
  • The Protoss AI script is now stable. (Not done yet!)
  • The Zerg AI script is now stable. (Not done yet!)
  • The Terran AI script is now stable. (Not done yet!)

Bug Fixes:
  • EUDs on the map.
  • Player 8 Ais
  • Terrain.
  • Heroes maker.
  • Triggers
  • And lots behind the scenes.
Images for testing phase and Beta 1.

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