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StarCraft AIs (Information and guidance)

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I am going to give you lots of info and details about everything that you need to know!
Everything you'll need to know about the AIs.
I know this does not cover all of the bases, but I will do my best!

Update 1: More information has been added. And also few screenshots!
Coming soon: more Information and guidance and more screenshots!

Alright, let's get started.

What can and cannot be done with screenshots.
P1 is a human, while P2 and P3 are computers. For these examples and information.


Ai scripts' max/limits and triggers.
  • Campaign Area Town (It can have an infinite number of places.) It's great if you are just having it idle and there are no scripts running.
  • Campaign (Limit 1 per AI for each computer-player PER trigger!) Easy/Medium/Difficult/Insane - same goes for expansion ones. By 1 per trigger i mean just using only one trigger for that one player.
  • There can only be one Blizzard Mission Town per Ai per trigger per run! [1x run]
P1 is a human, while P2 and P3 are computers. For these examples and information.

[Q&A] Questions And Answers!

: Why can't I run 2 of the same AI in different locations on the same computer player?
Answer: Because it's like opening two note-pads in the same locations and doing 2 different things. One will save and the other one will save too, but both will be overwritten!

Question: What is the difference between expansion and non-expansion?
Answer: Broodwar expansion is the expansion, and SC-before Broodwar expansion is the non-expansion.

Question: Do the AI scripts keep running when there are no more humans or computers?
Answer: No, even if all players are dead, the AI will continue to run; however, if the game has a trigger that ends in defeat on such a player, the AI will stop running. If P1 is human, P2 is human, and P3 and P4 are computers, and you kill P3 but there is no trigger to tell it was defeated, the AI code will continue to run; if there is a trigger to re-spawn a "CC/Nexus/Hat" or worker "Probe/Drone/SCV", the AI will rebuild its base but much slower. If all the players left the game, yes, the game ends. Everything ends.

Question: Why can't I run AI scripts such as Easy/Medium/Difficult/Insane or campaign on a human player when they leave?
Answer: Reason for this is that player# becomes null which is killed off think as if you uninstall that app it's no longer to do anything.

Question: How should I run the AI with the following conditions? timer countdown/or elapsed time for at least ## seconds?
Answer: You can run the AI with a count-down or elapsed time or just do as 'always' it conditions since the AI only needs to run once. Then Action runs the script and that is it. [1x]

Question: Can I run Blizzard missions AI (Towns A though Z?) with insane or custom?
Answer: I won't do that since they all have different behaviors and it will have the same outcome as the others I mentioned above. (It will break the AI and become useless.)

Question: Can I make P2 and P3 use two different AI scripts? Yes.
Answer: Do not give P2 2 different AI scripts, for example, custom and insane, or two custom, two insane, or any of these names, Campaign/Custom, it will break the Ai. It will be brain dead, no longer working AI.

Question: Can I run melee and town-area or campaign for an area-town? Yes, but be sure to preposition the buildings before hand.
Answer: Run easy and then medium or anything else on top of it. It won't work!

Question: Just run the one you want or make a system where the triggers randomly pick one.
Answer: attempt to preserve the trigger(s) on the scripts; they will continue to run and loop the AI back to the beginning of the codes.

More coming soon!

Posted as of: 8/28/2022
Updated as of: 9/19/2022