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Try To Kill Player 8! (RPG ver 2!)

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It's still RPG/Ver 2 (which means Part 2.) Dunno, I might change it. lol.
Updated version: 3.6v
Try To Kill Player 8! RPG/Part 2!

To report bugs do the following: discord(s) StarEdit UMS-Discussion and StarCraft Broodwar Community! Many thanks!
My Discord Group https://discord.com/invite/gJaz5uX

What's new?

Added: XP and Money, Rewards! You'll find them though out of the map!

Fixed: Walled near player 8.

Changed: "Title to Try To Kill Player 8! RPG/Part 2!"
Changed: Overlords (Teleport to players) To Hero: Zealot. As seen here! (Much better and it can be much more useful!)
[images coming soon!]

More is coming soon!
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