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Undead Domination v-CK 8.4v Update 3 (Coming Soon In Works)

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Title said:
// Title

Undead Domination v-CK 8.4V (Update version 3.)

Hello Everyone. Welcome to my Undead Domination v-CK 8.4V, by Cool-Knight.

Information's. said:

Tileset: Space Platform.
Genre: Cat & Mouse.
Player(s): 7.
Computer Player(s): 1.
Dimensions: 256 x 256
Size: May very 2.0MB +

General map information
Map Version: Undead Domination v-CK 8.4V (Update version 3.)

Lots of EUDs.
@Player(Humans). When you kill 1 unit you get 5 ore. 1 Kill = 5 ore! Don’t feed Undead!
@Undead(Player). When you kill 1 unit you get 10 ore.1 Kill = 10 ore! Don’t feed Humans!
Also Check the updates for more info! Below!

Map Description.

@Undead: Destroy all enemy Survivors To Win!
@Survivors: Kill the Queen-Undead To Win!
@Bugs; Please report bugs to Discord using the links from my website.
Info/Logs/report bugs/Discords undead.cool-knight.us/
Last Update: 2/18/2017
Latest Update: 1/1/2019
Latest Updated: 5/30/2019

Last Update: 2/23/2017

The map is playable.

Please Post Feedback on this topic.
OR: The Discord Group: Brood War - UMS Community. If you are from here: https://discord.gg/saN3Qe9

Thanks! - Cool-Knight.

-Also...If you want to support me in my hard work please go to my site, visit it for 5 to 10 mins or do this bitcoin it will help me earn $$ + it will keep me going! :) Thanks CK-

Be sure to check out my maps Archive https://maps.cool-knight.eu.org/Tons Of Maps/

--------Please Bear with me as this map grows and this topic becomes better edited and improves over time, THANKS! :D-------

Map Screenshots and in-game.
[collapse=Collapse Box]
Map Shots:

In-game shots:
Mass Zone


Testers For 8.4V (Update 3) said:
// Testers For 8.4V (Update 3)

MegaTiger aka MTiger156. (Tester/Ideas/.)
Arana - Tester.

Patch Notes. said:
// Patch Notes.
General. said:
// General.

EUDs (Shops for humans Team Base) EUDs Shop. (Team Work!)
Shop Item 1. Activate Shield On Civs/Survivors. (Gain 60 Shield) (0 Armor No side effects.) Cost 500 Ore. (Per Teammate who is on the map, If 2 people are on, It needs 2 of these. (= 1K of ore!) etc.
If 6 players do it (No side effects. Bonus if 6 gain addition 30 shields and 1 armor)
EUDs (Shops for Undead) EUDs Shop (Need CIVs Kills)
Shop Item 1. Undead Leaders Gain 700 HP. Queen HP by 700. King HP/Shield by 700. Hellgate HP by 700.
EUDs (Shop for both team)
Shop Item 1. Reduce income timer by 8 secs! (Required all Current players!) 1x use. 18 to 10 secs. (Auto Miners)
More Shop items (Coming Soon!)
Updated Mass zone. Change the overall UI for everyone. :) [Undead]
Much more has been added to the map please check: Changed/Removed/Added!

Here what was changed. said:
// Here what was changed.

Changed: In some places...(Since Civs were removed I put in Zealots. With EUDs Effects)
Changed: Buying Floor Traps. Making it much better, improved. Once you get a DA, you MC one of 2 Floor Traps. It will now be placed AT YOUR Civ location.
Changed: Terrain on Sounds on/off.
Changed: Terran Missile Turret name from: “Found something?!” to Current Level 1 (Tower Air)
Changed: Small Wall to Current Level 1 Small Wall. > Better Wall to Current Level 2 Better Wall. (etc)
Changed: Re-worked Plant-Maker.
Changed: Pylon name from Use [I Give YOU Info!] <To> EUD. Click ME! For Help/Info! -Removed from map-
Changed: I Give YOU Info! <To> Help/Info (Move on Terrain Creep!) <--Change it to make sense.
Changed: Undead-Normal-Bomber to Undead-Suicide-Bomber
Changed: Undead Kills packs are now with Undead Packs. (Better and fuse. And oh of course changed!)
Changed: Mass Zone. Put it all in 1 inside a Barracks, as seen in the “Screenshot” under the Collapse Box! Scroll back up! ^^^^
Changed: Long with the change of: “Mass Zone” Removed ‘Find Players 1600ore and move it to Undead-Wizard.
Changed: Shh (You die!) Trap Gun. Change Damage from 66 to 60. Changed gun speed ‘cooldown’ 22 to 11.
Changed: Shh (You die) Missile Trap. Change Damage from 46 to 50 (x2 damage=100 damage) Change gun speed from 22 to 30. Given its small splash Radii.
Changed: (Role names) Undead Queen[0] <TO> Undead-[Leader]-Queen[0] - Undead-Normal-Broodling(14) <TO> Undead-Specialist-Broodling(14) - Undead-[Wizard]-Spell Caster! <TO> Undead-[Special]-Wizard![0] -
Undead King[0] <TO> Undead-[Leader]-King[0]
Changed: Undead Ground Killer [1] <TO> <10>Undead-[Special]Guardian[1] - Undead Killer Monster! [1] <TO> Undead-[Special]-Mutalisk[1]
Changed: Undead-Specialist-Broodling (14) HP from 67 to 70.
Changed: Undead-Suicide-Bomber (1) HP from 700 to 600. Armor from 2 to 7. Damage from 1000 to 1250.
Changed: Undead Ranger (1) HP from 440 to 444.

Here what was removed. said:
// Here what was removed.

Removed: Random "EUDS" (Gamble) was bad and made the map unbalanced.
Removed: Music Player (Unit/Guy).
Removed: (Building spots) Not needed.
Removed: "Have not seen the map." (It was not needed.)
Removed: Civs at the light (on/off.) (Replace with Zealots.)
Removed: All Terran Builds beside Terran Supply depot/Terran Missile Turret/Bunker/Terran Armory.
Removed: Pylons. (I will use these for something else on the map!)

Here what was changed. said:
// Here what was changed.
Here what was Added/New! said:
// Here what was Added/New!

Added: EUDs Shops for Humans(Teamwork!) And Undead(Need CIVS kills)
Added: Shop Item 1. Activate Shield On Civs/Survivors. (Humans)
Added: 2 new walls. ‘Current Level 5 The Tuffer Wall. ‘ Current Level 6 The Ultra Wall! Level 6, is the last wall. Altho ‘’Undead Killer (Wall)’’ (Which is Terran Armory) Which is a bit different.
Added: Lots and lots of EUDS. :)
New: Added Human Shop.
New: Added Undead Shop.
New: Added 1 item for Undead.
New: Added 1 item for Humans.
New: Added 1 item for (Humans and Undead.)
New: Level up Walls.
New: Level up Towers.

Here what was fixed. said:
// Here what was fixed.

Fixed: Team Force 1 Triggers.
Fixed: Team Force 2 Triggers.
Fixed: EUDs.
Fixed: Units Spawns.
Fixed: Move locations.
Fixed: Timers.
Fixed: Auto Miners ‘Hit limit.’
Fixed: Some Text Display.
Fixed: Sounds/Music.
Fixed: All other tiny bugs.
Fixed: Behind the scenes.
Fixed: Finally fixed, Undead King spawns, (Should only happen when the queen is dead!) (King and Queen dead → Hell gate moves to its places.)
Fixed: Moneys Corrected the money.

Coming Soon To The Map. said:
// Upcoming Changes:

Update Version 4.
More Shop items.
More color texts and more stuff.

Stacking without lights.

Map % said:
// Map %

Terrain. [progress=90]
Triggers. [progress=90]
Map. [progress=90]

Topic Edit said:
// Topic Edits/Updates.
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