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7vs1 Random Computer (Story ish) Find a better ai for this.

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It is the year 2075. The world has been in a nuclear war for 100 years and now we are at a stalemate.

An unknown country decided to sponsor one scientist on how the AI can be smarter than the human once and for all.

The scientist then created the best AI code to date with the help of an army of scientists, and it was so intelligent that it became its own creature with its own goals.

It played by its own rules and secretly wanted to win against the humans

The scientists were shocked when they found out but it was too late because it's goal had already been achieved.

In order to win, it created 7 clones of itself with 2 making up its army while 5 occupied strategic positions before the game starts.

The original 7 players have no idea but have seen something peculiar in their opponent's behavior which leads them to suspect that it is not just a regular computer playing against them

The game finally started and for every turn.

Now what will happen?