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Hello to whoever is reading this! I'd like to quickly recap something. I have dyslexia, which affects my reading and writing abilities.

You might know me as Cool-Knight or The-Knight from StarCraft Broodwar 1.16.1 and also from StarCraft:Remaster which is now TheCoolKnight.

My StarCraft:Broodwar AKAs.

All akas in 1 line: The-Gold-Knight, Fox-Cool-1, Fox-Cool-2, Fox-Cool-3, Fox-Cool-4, Fox-Cool-9. Cool-Dude, Map-Make-Edit, The-Knight, Cool-Knight, TheCoolKnight.

2005 or 2006: The-Gold-Knight was my 1st username.

2007/8 Fox-Cool-1 (Name got close (8) so I made Fox-Cool-2 (later same thing happen!) Fox-Cool-3, Fox-Cool-4 became my main until that happen again, so I will come Fox-Cool-9 For about 1.4years.

2008-2012: Map-Make-Edit
2009: I became Cool-Dude.

2010: The-Knight 2011 or 2012: Cool-Knight my main. Forever to come now.

2020: Because of my ban on main account "Cool-Knight/The-Knight" StarCraft Remaster: it is now TheCoolKnight.

StarCraft Broodwar clans: that i was part of and clans i owned. I can't recall of the clans there so many of i was part of and owned, and been far too long to recall of the names.

Part of: SuS[Don't recall what the meaning was], DK[Dark Knights],
Owned: Dark Ones[DO], SoS[Don't remember what it was for] [UD]Undead Dead.

Alright some info about me.
Name: Knight.
Gender: Male.
Age: Old.

Game style: RTS, FPS, old games. (some new ones)

Here is the list of games that i play:
StarCraft gamer/map maker/ex-hacker/ex-clan maker.
I play Borderlands 1 and 2 and 3. SC:BW:R (StarCraft Broodwar Remaster) Overwatch 1&2, Roblox, Minecraft (Bedrock) and few others.

Other things i like to do is:
love doing websites.
I kind of just wanted my website to just be a form, so i can just easily post anything at anytime for updates, rather than uploading from html text and then upload.

I also like playing: Xbox360 Games: Such As Halo 1 2 and 3 and 4. I also like Borderlands 1&2! Borderlands 3 is okay.

Nintendo: I have 3DS, Wii. SP, DS. GameCube, and n64.
Sony: PS2.
Microsoft: xbox360.

More fixes and adding coming soon all for now!

This post has been slacking and lacking in info and updates since 2015. Sorry for the lack of clean-up and updates.

(All for now for About Cool-Knight)

This is very old.
This post was last modified 07-16-2015 and barely update on 2017.
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