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Difference between StarCraft+Broodwar 1.16.1 and/or vs StarCraft:Remaster!

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Lets start this off with 1.16.1 then we go to SC:R.
[More coming soon!]

StarCraft Broodwar 1.16.1 + Battle.net 1.0v

  • Main gameplay.
  • Cost money to get SC and BW.
  • Max freinds list 24 per account.
  • Cd-keys 1 per account per game.
  • Hacks / hackers and bots. (No longer works but they did when Battle.net 1.0v was alive)
  • Offline LAN support.

StarCraft Remaster. 1.18.0+ Benfists of SC:R. + Battle.net 2.0v.

The key features of SC:R.
A new era of StarCraft has arrived. Play for free or upgrade to StarCraft: Remastered to unlock 4K graphics, 16x9 aspect ratio, and more!

  • Same Legendary Gameplay
  • Offline LAN and Campaign
  • Connected to the Blizzard App
  • Observer Mode [Works in all modes UMS/Melee with a full game of 8 people + 4 observers slots!]
  • Modern OS Support
  • Presale Unlocks: Korhal Command Center, Aiur Nexus, and Char Hive
  • Cloud Saves [Replays only, not maps!]
  • 13 Languages
  • Remastered Dialogue and Audio
  • Remastered Graphics up to 4k with Widescreen Support
  • Enhanced Narrative
  • Matchmaking & Leaderboards
  • Battle.net 2.0v add up to 200 friends (max 200).
  • Also in SC:R you can for from Full screen, Windows mode(Alt+Enter), Window mode(Fullscreen) These are also in the options settings.
  • CDkeyless means that no keys are required.
  • The game is complity-free unless you buy the remaster.
  • No more hacks or hackers or bots. (They no longer work on Battle.net 2.0v]
  • Buy HD and get support for your monitor in 4K.
  • You can easily join a friend's game by clicking on their names. [On the friends tab].
  • It is compatible with Windows 7 through Windows 11, as well as Mac and Linux, and the newest drivers such as CPUs and GPUs.
  • Support EUDs on Mac and Linux.
  • Set your hotkeys how you like them!
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