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EA-Blizzard at their fineness!

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So today I decided to spill the beans on this and posted on the right topic. This guy had a point!

And I agreed with him. So I also put my $0.02 in it. Well...EA-Blizzard decided to “Hide it.” Now that was near 11 am. Okay, so I put a few curse words.

I blocked out the curse words. But I don't think that was it...Nope.

I think it was me spilling the truth out on there.

So they have hidden it. That's fine. I read everything on their sites. (Rules.)

But now they removed it at 2:30 PM today. And also deleted the topic on his post! Wait...I can see them deleting my comment. But topic as well??

The truth is nowhere! EA-Blizzard. Knows this, and they will delete anything (even tho you're not breaking the rules) they will still delete it if it's not about SC:BW:R but it is about SC:BW:R And my comment were SC:R related. So how does it not relate to SC:R? Yeah... the same thing I tho.

Which the images will show. Nothing changed I just taken the screenshots.






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