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More maps I be working on soon

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All maps i be working on are in these orders or not in order depends which maps i want to edit and work on most. But these are ones I want to work on!
The maps I will be working on have the following status:
  1. 7vs1 Random Computer (Under Work)
  2. Undead Domination v-CK 8.4v (Will resume after 7vs1 map)
  3. Evolves Tournament V-CK (Pause Will resume after Undead Map)
  4. Nexus Destroyer Remaster v-CK (Will resume after evolves map)
  5. Knight Special Forces Zerg (Done)
  6. Knight Special Forces Terran (Pause)
  7. Knight Special Forces Protoss (Pause)
  8. Try to kill player 8 RPG 1 (Done)
  9. Try to kill player 8 RPG 2 (Done)
  10. Try to kill player 8 RPG 3 (continue from Part 1 and Part 2) (Pause)
  11. Sunken Defenses 1WAY (Pause)
  12. Zombies Can you Live (Pause) [Base on Call of duty 3/2 Zombies)
  13. Starship Troopers v-CK (Pause)
  14. StarCraft UnderWorld (Pause)
  15. huh battle (Cancelled)
  16. Assassinate Trump! V-CK (Cancelled)
  17. Assassinate Obama! V-CK (Cancelled)
  18. Zombies Atks[attacks] v-CK (Cancelled or pause)
  19. Temple Siege Remaster v-CK (Cancelled)
  20. run from the enemy (Cancelled)
  21. Dodge The Scarabs vK (Cancelled or pause)
  22. Can you Dodge all! (Cancelled)
  23. Cannons Wars (Cancelled never seen light of day)
More will be added on here stay tune! :)
(I will fix typos later)
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