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This is fun. -try to kill player 8-

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This is what i asked it.
This is a map from StarCraft-Broodwar Blizzard Inc map editor. The story for this is. Title: Try To Kill Player 8. Part 1. (info) Human, You control 1 unit. (The hero is a human player) -red, blue, teal, purple, orange, green.) Player 8 is an enemy AI on the map. It has Zerg, buildings, miners, and traps. Color Yellow. (story) You were picked to destroy the biggest enemy in the galaxy! You are the chosen one, but you are not ready to fight just yet...You have to kill to get powerful, more you kill the zerg, and weaken the enemy, but you are super weak at the start, you have no clue what you were doing till you got halfway to destroying every building, miners, units, army, traps, but it was nonstop...unitll you had noticed: you had backup with you, fighting alongside with you, and destroyed all of the Player 8, but was that it? Could it be that easy? No, it was not.....untill part 2

In addition to being incredibly beautiful picturesque landscape there is also some cool things about this map like 3 unique terrains, 4 biomes...it really shows your imagination as well :) :D I know very little about Starcraft lore aside his maps so i'm sure my understanding will improve greatly once again after playing through these parts....a nice overview over the history of Broods War or maybe because he doesn't actually write anything lol. 3v1 Play off against 5/5 Terran by making three mineral lines spread out around players base while mining only minerals left behind.(in fact they're probably still under construction...)

Story After coming into contact w/player 8 during his search out, he came up with plans fo him against terran only strategy. He created secret base inside rocks near mines : ) Strategy Take your first shot by using X command under any tree and send creep wave before 3th time starts! When done attack Terran second level turret or if they use defiler / warp prism too ;-) Command move forward until almost bottom tier mineral patch like as soon ezpZ begins attacking t_T will come towards tower so choose carefully target high ground area below where u landed right after getting hit now without losing focus aim play defensive reaction position